What to Tell Your Children During a Custody or Parental Responsibility Proceeding

I get a lot of questions about what to tell the children during custody or Parental Responsibility Proceedings. Here is the short version:

1. Make certain the children know that both parents love them and want to spend time with them.

2. Explain things procedurally: The Court makes a ruling about what the best interests of the children are, usually based on the recommendations of a Guardian ad Litem. (GAL)

3. Be honest with the GAL, they do their best work when they have all the information they need. You don’t have to take sides, or pick which parent you like best, but you do need to be honest about your wants and needs.

4. Neither parent is going to get all of the time with you. In almost all cases, the parents end up sharing time and decision-making authority. The Court will decide how that time gets divided up.

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